To be the core guardian of human life

PolyTide Technology Inc. is a full stack AI driven research and development Biotech company based in Vancouver, Canada. We restructure polypeptide/ protein molecules, to innovate/ develop new drugs, new enzymes for human health and industry uses.

We focus on small protein medication development and leveraging computational methods to create new therapies. This new approach has unlimited potential to treat human diseases.  We believe our development will make a meaningful impact for patients and human.

To create high-potency, low-side effect and easy-to-use protein drugs that can improve patients’ lives and human health.


The remarkable function of a protein is guided by its 3-dimensional structure, formed by the intricate folding of linear chains of amino acids. And natural evolution has produced an astounding array of proteins that perform the physical and chemical functions required for life on Earth.

The naturally evolved proteins are most likely the best products for the needs of life in physical environment. However, under a non-physical condition, proteins must further evolve to meet new challenges.                                                

Team & Leadership

A committed team is dedicated to building an enduring company in service of the science, human health and society. This experienced team is comprised of innovators, scientists and professionals.

Dr Mao ChunSheng

Chief Executive Officer

The expert in biochemistry and molecular biology. He has successively engaged in molecular biology and immunology research at the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the University of Massachusetts. In 2001, he joined Novagen Biotech, Canada, as the chief scientist, engaged in the research and development of new protein drugs. The drug he invented is the biological peptide ‘novaferon’ which has a good therapeutic effect on viral infections and cancer. It has obtained patents in more than 50 countries including the United States, China, Canada, and Europe. It is included in the China National Medical Insurance Procurement Catalog.

The “Recombinant Human Interferon-Like Proteins” (Recombinant Human Interferon-Like Proteins) invented by Dr. Mao is the core technology of China’s first-class new drug “Le Fu Neng”. This immunotherapy-based new drug has been the first-class innovative drug approved by China’s national new drug in Shandong Province in the past 14 years. The drug is mainly used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B. It has also a good preventive and therapeutic effect on the new COVID infection.

Dr. Long XiaoYun


He graduated from Anhui Medical University with a major in clinical medicine in 2001, and then went to London Class Business School and Renmin University of China to obtain a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in finance, respectively. As a senior investment banker, he has successively worked in financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch Securities, China Investment Securities and China Securities Construction Investment Securities. The amount of financing exceeded billions of dollars. Dr. Long’s research field also includes intellectual property and its securitization. In recent years, he has created and invested in a number of high-tech companies, covering industries such as financial technology and online healthcare.

Dr Jun Wang


The computational biology expert successively studied at the University of Science and Technology of China, University of California, Duke University and completed post-doctoral work with dozens of publications. He, independently or as a leader, completed the enhanced sampling and build protein databases as well as molecular dynamics models. He has proposed new numerical strategies to greatly improve computing power and accuracy.

Dr. Yu HuaZhong


He graduated from Peking University and worked successively in California Institute of Technology and the National NRC Academy of Sciences in Canada. He is now a tenured professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Simon Fraser University in Canada. He has published many high-level academic papers, held  US/international patents, and successively won the Analytical Chemistry Innovation Award of the Canadian Chemical Society, the Visiting Professor Award of the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, the Electrochemical Society (Lash Miller Award, Tajima of the International Electrochemical Society) Awards and more.

Collaborations & Partnership

We welcome connections with potential collaborators in academia and industry who share our excitement and passion to explore new applications of our technology.

If you’d like to learn more about potential collaborative opportunities, please contact us.

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